All students, faculty members and staff of the University are eligible for the membership of the Library. Users can use the resources of all libraries –preferably, through their parent library. They will need to show their ‘Identity Card’ at the reception before using either of the libraries.

The numbers of books that can be borrowed by the members are as follows:

Category of Members

No. of Books issued

No. of Books issued Days

Faculty members/Officers


For a Semester/ 6 Months

M.Phil/Ph.D Students


3 Months



15 Days



15 Days

Note :- Textbook should be issued only for 2 days

Rules for Book Replacement

Damage and loss of library documents

Users should not deface, mark, cut, or mutilate the reading material in any manner. Users will be solely responsible for any damages caused by them to the documents. In case a person repeats the offence for the second time, his/her library membership can be suspended. Users are required to verify the documents before leaving the circulation counter. Thereafter, he/she will be responsible for any damage. In case of loss of any book by the borrower, the individual shall replace the book in addition to late fine payable. Alternatively, the defaulter shall be liable to pay double the present cost of book in addition to late fine as admissible. If the book of a multi volume set is damaged or lost, the borrower shall be liable to replace the whole set in addition to a late fine payable. Alternatively, the individual shall be liable to pay one and half times the present cost of book in addition to late fine as admissible.

Handling of Lost Books

Purchased books. If a purchased book issued from the library is lost or misplaced shall be replaced with current edition or an amount equal to the current price/updated edition of the book is recovered from the concerned staff member. As penalty, an equal amount of the book is to be recovered, if book could not be replaced.

Gratis books. If a gratis book issued from the library is lost or misplaced, the list price of the book is mentioned/available that will be charged otherwise the following formula is applied for recovery of charges from the concerned staff member:-

No. of pages of book Amount to be recovered (Rs.)
1–100 400
101–200 500
201–300 600
301–400 700
400–500 800
501–1000 1000
1001 and above 1200


Clearance certificate

All library documents will have to be returned along with the dues, fine etc, if any, by the individuals (staff, faculty & students etc.) at the time of leaving the University and obtaining ‘clearance certificate’ from library is mandatory

It will be the endeavor of University library to provide value-added information services. The above guidelines are by no means comprehensive and will be subject to review from time to time based on user feedback and requirements.

The library may amend its rules as and when required.