What's happening

What's happening

About Digital Impact Square (DISQ):

Digital Impact Square (DISQ), A Tata Consultancy Services Foundation Initiative, is an open social innovation center - in the city of Nashik, Maharashtra. DISQ encourages innovation using digital technologies to address social challenges prevalent in Health and Hygiene, Transportation, Food and Agriculture, Energy and Water, Personal and Financial Security, Citizen Empowerment, Education and Skill development across India. These challenges are drawn from the voice of citizens, domain experts, local administration and government. This initiative fosters a culture of innovation through a series of sustained innovation cycles, provides an opportunity to bring research and technology from academia and industry to life, and accelerate the journey of young innovators from being an ideator to an entrepreneur.

Website: www.digitalimpactsquare.com

Story on TCS.com: https://www.tcs.com/disq-empowering-society-nurturing-changemakers


Video Link: http://bit.ly/tcsdisqLook up the links below to learn more about their work.